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Thursday, April 8, 2010

It don't cost nothing and it's worth the price

The title of this post comes from an immortal Alan Sherman song, referring to good advice. I couldn't agree more. Some people think that they will save money on doctor bills if they ask medical questions in the course of casual social encounters. In this area, unfortunately, I believe that you get what you pay for. Be prepared to pay for the level of advice you want. If you are interested in a careful and informed opinion about what you should do for your best health, including taking supplements and vitamins, over the counter medications, prescription medications, surgery, or any other type of medical intervention, a good answer will come from careful review of your records, taking a complete history from you, reviewing your medications carefully, and in some cases, a physical exam.

A possible exception to this is if your question is purely informational, such as "what is a Roux-en-Y procedure?", or "what is peritoneal dialysis?" Even then, you are unlikely to understand and remember the answer by hearing it quickly in a place where visuals cannot be shared and you cannot write down the answer.

So, why not let your doctor friends and relatives enjoy themselves at that cocktail party? Instead, if you live in California, come get advice from me! (see www.MyAdviceDr.com) Your primary care practitioner can also do this, if you have one you trust and who is not always rushing to see the next patient. This will allow the appropriate record review, interview, and physical examination to occur if needed based on your question.

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