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Monday, June 21, 2010

Dr. Oz and Roizen's Real Age website

I checked out Dr. Oz and Roizen's Real Age web page. Lots of very nice stuff for risk and health assessment. Not everything is 100% accurate and up to date (for example, the program dinged me for a "cholesterol problem" because my total cholesterol was over 200, although my HDL cholesterol was 80...whereas according to my reading of the literature, my risk is not elevated with this combination. But it's pretty good. The ads also seem to be filtered so that good products are featured. My only problem with it is that taking the questionnaire can only be done in the context of setting up an identified account, and doing that means that personal health information is linked to identifiable data. If such data are not encrypted in transmission, and on their server, it would seem to me that it would violate HIPAA. In addition, the program had a link saying "switch to SSL (secure socket layer)", but when I tried to do even this, it didn't work. This is my only concern about the site. They will have to do a better job of security before I would feel comfortable recommending that you fill out any of their questionnaires unless you can fill out something without identifying yourself.

That said, the Qi Gong video was extremely nice, and there's lots of other stuff to jumpstart your diet and exercise changes!

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